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Library FAQs

Check in/out:
  • Students may check out 2 items at a time. (primary students may have different guidelines)
  • Items may be checked out for 2 weeks.
  • Items may be renewed 3 times--unless it is a "high demand" title.
  • Students may reserve a book ahead of time; when the book is in, the library will notify the student.  It is reshelved after one week if not picked up.
  • If a student has an OVERDUE or DAMAGED book/item, check out privileges are suspended until the item is returned or renewed, or the fine is paid.
  • Students are responsible to pay the cost of replacing all lost items. If the item is found, the library will issue a refund.
  • Students are responsible for the care and condition of the items checked out to them.  Check out privileges are suspended until all fines are paid. 
Students visit the library every week with their class for lessons and check out. Students may drop in and check at during the school day with teacher permission and the availability of the librarian.